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He turned 26 on May 31, 2015

The company was started with household products SOLOMON SOFTWARE, subsequently SYNON and IBM brands were incorporated. The company has expanded the customer base with a choice of products and suppliers of first class, offering investment services to our customers productive from the start and continued advantage is taken out many years with the continued support of TECNOAV. TECNOAV has been characterized by a relentless pursuit and selection of innovative technological products. This view of technology and the market has been endorsed by major software producers as Computer Associates (now CA Technologies) and Microsoft who have purchased products SYNON and SOLOMON later.


The most significant milestones in the history of TecnoAV can be summarized in the following years:


1989: TECNOAV begins operations in Guayaquil branded SOLOMON SOFTWARE. As a precursor to the sale of software for microcomputers, TecnoAV provides market solutions that previously only existed for large computers.


1990: He joined the IBM brand and supply begins in the country of open systems with IBM RISC UNIX (AIX) operating system that is complemented by brands DATAFLEX And TecnoAV UNIPLEX of software to offer a practical solution on that platform.


1991: It brings SYNON brand with innovative technology CASE for Midrange computers and the first successful installations, some of which are still in operation are performed.


1993: TECNOAV, opens its branch in Quito. The Quiteño market has always been important for this opening TecnoAV and formalized its operations it was already carrying in the capital.


1995: The marketing of products by launching Windows SOLOMON IV and Obsydian of SYNON starts. Technology has a major turn in this year’s World character replacement for Windows graphic TECNOAV propels these products.


1996: TECNOAV market starts Self-Service Terminals (Kiosks) that is welcomed by big banks Ecuador. To complement JetForm is brought to market by TecnoAV to meet a huge need for management of electronic forms.


1998: TECNOAV Ecuadorian market introduces the concept of “appliances” marked ESOFT featuring email servers on a computer that brought all in one package: hardware, software and firewall. Then this concept is expanded by bringing specialized TecnoAV as brand appliances GTA Firewalls.


2000: CITRIX joins TECNOAV solutions. In the same year MICROSOFT purchase SOLOMON and Computer Associates (CA) buy STERLING SOFTWARE, which had recently acquired SYNON.


2003: Marketing products ACL starts. The ACL house is a clear leader in software products for auditors and her TecnoAV incorporated to serve this segment of the market, which he later added the paisley AutoAudit product, which was later acquired by Thomson Reuters.


2005: SOLOMON SOFTWARE turns 20 in Ecuador. SOLOMON was in the Ecuadorian market before the foundation of TECNOAV and on this date the great history of this product are held in the country.


2007: TECNOAV Ecuador organized the Convention of AC users in Latin America. TecnoAV takes the initiative to invite all users of CA Plex Online Technologies in Latin America at a user conference that was attended by the former President, Dr. Gustavo Noboa Bejarano.


2009: TECNOAV opens operations in Lima and Bogota. With a vision to expand the delivery of their high level of knowledge of their main products in other markets TECNOAV founded companies in both countries at the same time celebrating its 20 years of operations. Additionally BSAFE marketing, which allows control of the assurances the IBM Power i, iSeries and AS400 teams starts.


2012: CITRIX TECNOAV rewards as the Partner of 2012 for SINGLE region of South America.
In recognition of the great work to expand the brand in Ecuador, Citrix gives TECNOAV the highest award of its kind in the region.


2013: TECNOAV receives from the CA Technologies Partner Award with higher sales in the first quarter of 2013 from the NOLA region of South America and brings to market your home Splunk Data Analysis technology infrastructure


2014: TECNOAV celebrates 25 years of operation with a broad portfolio of products mainly based on the aforementioned software producers, each of which has been growing in the variety of products offered in their area, which has selected the most TecnoAV suited to their markets.


2015: TECNOAV still dabbling in solutions, being the sole provider of Cyberoam in the country.

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