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Microsoft Dynamics Nav

The right business management solution for your company that allows combining your business needs and your budget.

More than 35,000 companies in 50 countries rely daily on Navision to direct the operations of your business, ensuring a proven and reliable application.

It differs from other solutions in that it is developed in a flexible environment, with customization facilities according to their specific needs.


Microsoft Dynamics SL

Software that facilitates decision-making, enables users to more quickly resolve business needs.

Allows rapid response, since the user can navigate through the different levels of information, based on a summary level and reaching the origin of the transactions.

Currently, more than 400 different types of industries use Dynamics SL.


LS Retail

This integrated solution responds fully to all the functionalities required by the most demanding without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and interfaces retailer. Its unique use of a single application to cover absolutely all features from POS terminals, store systems or any function of the central office puts LS Retail on a different level than the other solutions on the market.


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