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ACL Analysis

Professionals Internal Audit, Financial Control and Compliance challenged to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. For any goal you have, either providing business assurance, improved controls, or ensure compliance will be difficult to draw reliable conclusions that help the company without detailed analysis of the underlying data.


ACL Change Analysis

ACL Exchange Analytics enables organizations to gain actionable results based on the interpretation of data in real time helping to discover recoveries of income, weaknesses in controls or potential fraudulent activities while increasing team productivity by up to 50% . With ACL Exchange Analytics teams can create parsers where consistent and repeatable test results are easily viewed in meaningful and easy to digest views, and presented to audiences of business to achieve a proactive resolution.



How do you organize your work? If you relate to most of the audit teams, risk and compliance, their daily life involves spending too much time building spreadsheets and working in silos. You lose a lot of time devoted to document and review, rather than help your organization accomplish its objectives while managing risk and makes every effort to work with all computers.


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