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TECNOAV He turned 26 on May 31, 2015 The company was started with household products SOLOMON SOFTWARE, subsequently SYNON and IBM brands were incorporated. The company has expanded the customer base with a choice of products and suppliers of first class, offering investment services to our customers...


Citrix unlocks the power of virtual computing

Citrix delivers dynamic virtualization solutions from the datacenter to the desktop, which frees both IT departments and users from traditional computing. With virtual computing, IT has the power to manage desktops, applications, servers and data. Users are free to work securely and productively anywhere,...


Nav Ls Retail: A proven retail solution from start to finish. Ask us!

¿Your business suffers? ¿It is experiencing the complexity of connecting different systems? ¿Your POS fail during peak hours? ¿Management of development buy cialis Information is poor? ¿Shop based on pure intuition? ¿Its sales information is outdated? Nav LS Retail is a retail solution from start...


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